As per Sec 37 of The Gujarat Co-operative Societies Rules-1965, every Housing / Service / Commercial society shall maintain following registers:

  1. A Register of Members (Including Person nominated) under Section 39
  2. A Register of Shares (Where capital is raised by Shares)
  3. A Personal Share Account Register (Where capital is raised by Shares)
  4. A Share Transfer Register (Where capital is raised by Shares)
  5. A Register of declaration made under Section 49 (Lien Register) *
  6. Cash Account
  7. General Ledger
  8. Member’s Loan Register (If applicable)
  9. Deposit Account (If applicable)
  10. Expense Account
  11. Bank Account
  12. Minute Book, recording the proceeding of General Meetings
  13. Minute Book, recording the proceeding of the Committee Meetings
  14. Such other accounts and books as may from time to time be specified by the Registrar.

* Section 49 of Gujarat Cooperative Society Act refers to charge on immovable property of members borrowing from certain societies. Sec 49 is not applicable to housing / service / commercial society. Many banks ask for creating charge on shares against Housing / Mortgage loan, thus it is advisable to keep a Lien Register.

14 thoughts on “Types of Registers to be Maintained by Cooperative Society

  1. Sir,
    I have a self owned flat in a co-operative housing service society in Ahmedabad..
    The current chairman without asking or discussing with committee members & non committee members , taking 5000-10,000 as his annual fee to maintain the registers & all..
    Sir, is it legal in a co-operative housing service society to charge any fee by any chairman or committee members by providing his service towards the society maintenance?

  2. Sir,
    Is there any separate blog of yours’ defining differences between a co-operative housing society & co-operative housing “Service” societies ??? kindly share that would help a lot Sir..

    1. Main difference between Housing Society and Service Society is ownership of land. Incase of Housing Society, ownership of land on which building are standing is of society, whereas Service Society has no ownership. Service society are formed only for maintaining the society.

  3. So as per the main difference that you just cited, on the line of the same “No Transfer” is liable for any member to pay to the committee, right? since we have a formation as a “SERVICE” housing society..

  4. In a service society in gujarat can a tenented flat be asked to pay 30% extra maintainence charges .
    It there any govt rule for it .

  5. गुजरात में एक सेवा समाज में एक किराएदार फ्लैट को 30% अतिरिक्त रखरखाव शुल्क का भुगतान करने के लिए कहा जा सकता है।
    इसके लिए कोई सरकार का नियम है

  6. Dear Sir, Our Society is service society registered under Gujarat Co-operative Societies Act 1961. I have a query regarding membership. Recently a flat has been purchased by a power of attorney holder in our society. As power of attorney is revocable, I would like to clarify “Can power of attorney holder be a member of society and share certificate can be transferred to his/her name or principal can only be the member of society?”.

  7. Ours is cooperative housing society registered under Gujarat Cooperative Societies Act 1961. We have taken the handover from builder. From the papers, it appears that audit has not been conducted since last 4 years. When we asked to complete it, builder said that people from district registrar will approach us and that time we can complete it. So my question is that is it a standard practice or builder is lying. Thanks

    1. As per Gujarat Cooperative Society Act, the auditor from the panel of the Registrar office has to audit every year. But it has been observed that auditors visit once in a few years and complete audits for the pending period.

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