How to Amend Bye-laws of Cooperative Society

In the earlier article "Bye-Laws of Cooperative Societies", we discussed about bye-laws of society. From the date of society formation, there can be many reasons why managing committee would want to change the bye laws. Act has a provision, where managing committee can call for Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM) and … Continue reading How to Amend Bye-laws of Cooperative Society

Bye-Laws of Cooperative Societies

Gujarat Cooperative Societies Act, 1961 and The Gujarat Cooperative Societies Rules 1965 provide for framework for cooperative society. But there are variety of co-operative societies and  it is not possible to cover the requirements of all the types of cooperative societies in a single legislation, i.e. . Therefore, there is a provision for framing bye-laws … Continue reading Bye-Laws of Cooperative Societies

Difference Between Cooperative Society & NTC

Particular Applicable to Co-op. Society Applicable to NTC Authority Co-op. Society is both State & Central Act. There is a separate set up under the Co-operative Department Non Trading Corporation is a state level Act, which is monitored by Registrar, NTC, delegated to Sales Tax Department Concept of Benefit Co-operative Society is on the principal … Continue reading Difference Between Cooperative Society & NTC