1. To do all the transactions by keeping the instructions in mind issued by the Chairman from time to time.
  2. To call upon the General meeting and the meetings of the committee & sub-committees as per the instructions of the Chairman.
  3. To remain present in the meeting of the Committee, Sub-Committees and the General meeting of the society and to make proper notes of its working in the Resolution books each kept separately.
  4. To receive and make payment of money on behalf of the society as per the Resolution of the Committee.
  5. To keep supervision on the work of the other employees of the society and to give necessary instructions to them.
  6. To place the monthly accounts, details of the expenditures and development report in regard the constructions of buildings and its repairing etc. for routine approval.
  7. To provide the required information to the members and others.
  8. By getting the rectification report of the Audit note, Verification note etc. immediately and to place the same before the Committee for approval and to send the same to the concerned within the prescribed time.
  9. To write the accounts of the Society daily with accuracy in the daybook / Rojmel and to make signature in it.
  10. To keep the cash balance on hand within the limit fixed.
  11. To recover the due instalments from the members and to recover the other due amounts of demands and if the same do not come within prescribed time limit then, to place the report before the Committee with his opinion to take legal action against them and to take onward action as per the resolution passed in the Committee in this regard.
  12. To sign on the Share certificates, documents and agreements and in Bank accounts etc. along with the signature of the Chairman and/or with the member of the Committee so authorised for the same and to make the signature for and on behalf of the society till the other Committee gives the authority.
  13. To do the works of the Society as the Committee decides.
  14. The rectification report of the Audit report, as per the Section 85 of the Gujarat Co-operative Societies Act, shall be sent by the Secretary to the concerned auditor within one month from the receipt of Audit observation. In case of default then it will be the personal responsibility of the Secretary.
  15. Being an authorised person, to sign on behalf of the society on applications, receipts, agreements, writings, documents, tenders etc.

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