Year-end closing is the process of recording, reviewing, reconciling, and verifying all financial transactions and aspects of the Cooperative Societies for the fiscal year prior to the closing. This includes expenses, income, assets, investments, liabilities and more.

In this article, a check list is shared to ease this process:

Financial Checklist

  1. Call for Vendor Invoice for the month of March prior to closing.
  2. Provision for year end expense in the books.
  3. Resolve Suspense ledger.
  4. Round off the amount receivable or payable to nearest Rupee.
  5. Check if all entries / vouchers have relevant narrations.
  6. Cross check all On Account entries in Member ledgers and Vendor ledgers.
  7. Transfer delay interest as on 31- March into Member ledgers in case of outstanding.
  8. Send Annual ledger to all Members and rectify errors, if any.
  9. Check Invoices raised do not have due date beyond 31- March.
  10. Check Exception Reports and rectify the errors.
  11. Check Bank Payment and Cash Payment Files for Bills, Vouchers, Journals, and signatures by committee members / authorised signatories.
  12. Check Cheque Inventory for all bank accounts: Issued, Passed, Stalled and Cancelled
  13. Do Bank Reconciliation
  14. Check Debit Note and Credit Note files for the year to be duly signed by committee members / authorised signatories.
  15. Review all Account Payables and Account Receivables.
  16. Advance Tax Calculation and Payment.
  17. Deduct TDS on year end provisions.
  18. Record Depreciation on Fixed Assets.
  19. Call for Balance Confirmation statements.
  20. Review Budget vs Actual expenses for current year.
  21. Back up of Accounting data.

Cooperative Society Checklist

  1. Preparing and Publishing Members List as on 31-March.
  2. Check Minutes book of Committee Meetings with agenda.
  3. Approve pending Transfers if any.
  4. Update registers for Transfer cases.
  5. Check registers for during the year entries.
  6. Call for SGM to approve Maintenance and Budgets for next financial year.

Next Financial Year Checklist

  1. Prepare Budgets for Next Financial Year.
  2. Decide Maintenance Rates, Mode of Payment, Discount and Due dates.
  3. Incase differential rate is charged to members based on occupancy status (Owner / Tenant). Recheck the occupancy status of flats.
  4. If other than maintenance amount is collected (Parking Charges, etc), review the charges.
  5. Raise Maintenance Invoice / Other Invoice


We will keep on updating the above article as per feedback from the readers. In case you have any query, please write it in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Year End Checklist for Cooperative Societies

  1. Sir
    Pl clarify to whom the external auditors report in a coop hsg society in maharastra is to be addressed:
    The members of the society
    the Managing committee

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