1.  To implement the Resolutions of the General meeting and the Managing Committee through the Secretary.
  2.  To supervise work of the Secretary and to become responsible for the works done by him.
  3.  To accept all the mails (Dak) of the society and, after seeing the same, to issue necessary instructions to the Secretary to take action.
  4.  To deposit the entire cash on hand of the society in the Bank account at least once in a month.
  5.  To verify cash balance, verification of the property and securities of the society minimum once in each month and to make its note at the proper place in the record.
  6.  To get the defects stated in the Auditors verification note and of the Visitors notes be caused to be removed by the Secretary within one month from the receipt thereof and, to take steps to send its rectification report.
  7.  To provide all the information within time / timely as sought by Government departments / financial institutions.
  8.  To see that the works of the society is being carried out as per the byelaws and the objectives of the society and as per the laws and rules.
  9.  As authorised by the Managing Committee and staying with byelaws, to sign on behalf of the society on applications, receipts, agreements, writings, documents, tenders etc.

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