Sec 12 of Gujarat Cooperative Society Act, 1961

The Registrar may classify all societies in such manners, and into such classes, as he think fit; and the classification of a society under any head of classification by the Registrar shall be final.

Rule 4.3 of The Gujarat Cooperative Societies Rules, 1965

The Registrar shall assign for each district and each class of Sub-class of societies, a Code of Symbol, for giving registration number to the societies and the societies shall be registered from the dates specified by him.

Earlier there were 14 classification of cooperative societies. For proper classification of societies, process was further modified on 23-March-2018.

In this article, we will share details of revised class and sub-class of cooperative society as per the above circular.

Know your Registration Number

Sample Society Registration No : REG/AHD/SA(HAA) 00000/2020

  • AHD: Stands for District of Registration: In this case it is Ahmedabad
  • SA(HAA): Stands for Classification and Sub-Class: In this case it is Housing Service Society
  • 00000 : Is the registration Number
  • 2020: Year of Registration

Below is the list of all the districts code and class and sub-class of cooperative society in Gujarat

District Code

Sr.No.District NameDistrict Short Name
1Ahmedabad (City)AHD (C)
2Ahmedabad (Rural)AHD (R)
6Banaskantha (Palanpur)BAN
10Chhota UdepurCHH
12Devbhumi DwarkaDBD
14 Gir somnathGIR

Class of Cooperative Society

Cooperative Society has been divided into 7 Class

Sr. NoCodeClass
1SEService / Primary Service Type Cooperative Society
2UProducers / Labourer’s
3BHConsumer Stores / Consumer Cooperative Society
4GHHousing Cooperative Societies
5SAGeneral or Other Types of Cooperative Societies
6KHEAgriculture / Irrigation Type Cooperative Society
7SANCooperative Union

Sub-Class of Cooperative Society

1. SE: Service / Primary Service Type Cooperative Society

Sr. NoType of Cooperative SocietyClass and Sub-Class
(As per Cooperative Society Rule 4.3)
1Primary Service Cooperative SocietySE
2Primary Education Working Cooperative SocietySE(VI)
3Salaried Employees Credit Cooperative SocietySE(P)
4Women Saving / Credit SocietySE(M)
5Other Saving SocietySE(B)
6Nagarik Sahakari Bank (Including Gujarat Industrial Cooperative Bank)SE(NA)
7Credit Cooperative SocietySE(SH)
8Milk Producers Cooperative SocietySE(MILK)
9State Cooperative Milk FederationSE(FE)
10District Cooperative Milk Producers Union (Including Cowherd / Gopalak Cooperative Society)SE(SANGH)
11Primary Milk Producers Cooperative Society (Including Gopalak Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society)SE(MILK)
12District / Taluka Cooperative Purchase and Sale UnionSE(JI)
13Primary Marketing Cooperative SocietySE(MA)
14Top Cooperative FederationSE(FE)
15Large Sized Multi Purpose Cooperative SocietiesSE(VI)
16State Cooperative BankSE(Bank)
17Central Cooperative BankSE(Bank)
18Taluka Cooperative BankSE(Bank)
19State Cooperative Land Development BankSE(J)
20Primary Agriculture Credit SocietiesSE(KRU)
21Employee Credit CooperativeSE(P)

2. U : Producers / Labourers

Sr. NoType of Cooperative SocietyClass and Sub-Class
(As per Cooperative Society Rule 4.3)
1Primary Labourer Cooperative SocietyU(M)
2Farm Labourer Cooperative SocietyU(KHE)
3Forest Labourers Cooperative SocietyU(JAN)
4Production Cooperative SocietyU(SE)
5Livestock Cooperative Society (Poultry Breeding)U(B)
6Fisheries Cooperative SocietyU(FI)
7Fruits and Vegetable Growers Cooperative SocietyU(F)
8Tobacco Growers Cooperative SocietyU(T)
9Labour Development Cooperative SocietyU(SHRA)
10Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative Societies / UnionU(SHE)
11Tobacco Products Cooperative Societies / UnionU(T)
12Cotton Products Cooperative Societies / UnionU(K)
13Oil Seed Products Cooperative Societies / UnionU(TE)
14Cotton Ginning and Pressing Cooperative Societies / UnionU(PRO)
15Oil MillsU(PRO)
16Rice Processing MillsU(PRO)
17Rice MillsU(PRO)
18State Labourers Cooperative SocietyU(RA)
19District Labourer Cooperative SocietyU(JI)

3. BH : Consumer Stores / Consumer Cooperative Society

Sr. NoType of Cooperative SocietyClass and Sub-Class
(As per Cooperative Society
Rule 4.3)
1Consumers FederationBH(FE)
2Bulk / Central Cooperative Consumer StoresBH(A)
3Primary Cooperative (Student) Consumer StoreBH(VI)
4Railway Employee StoreBH(RE)
5Mill Employee Store (Including Cooperative Canteen)BH(MI)
6State Cooperative Consumers FederationBH(RA)

4. GH : Housing Cooperative Societies

Sr. NoType of Cooperative SocietyClass and Sub-Class
(As per Cooperative Society Rule 4.3)
1Housing Development Cooperative SocietyGH
2Housing Mortgage Cooperative Society (State Level Federation)GH(FE)
3Tenant Co-Partnership SocietyGH(BHA)
4State Level Housing UnionGH(FE)

5. SA : General or Other Types of Cooperative Societies

Sr. NoType of Cooperative SocietyClass and Sub-Class
(As per Cooperative Society Rule 4.3)
1Educational Activity Related Cooperative SocietySA(SAI)
2Sahakari HospitalSA(HO)
3Non Conventional Cooperative SocietySA
4Clean Staff Development Related Cooperative SocietySA(S)
5Insurance Cooperative Society, Electricity Supply Cooperative SocietySA(I)
6Motor Transport Cooperative SocietiesSA(MO)
7Transportation Cooperative SocietiesSA(VA)
8Rickshaw PullersSA(PU)
9Tourism Cooperative SocietiesSA(PRA)
10Resorts Cooperative SocietiesSA(RI)
11Waste Land Development Cooperative SocietySA(VE)
12Book Publishers Cooperative SocietiesSA(PR)
13Forest Protection Cooperative SocietiesSA(V)
14Development Work Cooperative SocietiesSA(SE)
15Housing Cooperative Service SocietySA(HAA)
16Commercial Cooperative Service SocietySA(CO)
17Land Conservation Farming Development Non Credit Cooperative SocietySA(J)
18Better Living Cooperative SocietySA(BE)
19Women Non Agriculture Non Credit Cooperative SocietySA(MA)
20Health Care Providing Cooperative SocietySA(AA)
21Courier Service Providing Cooperative SocietySA(SE)
22Tiffin Service Cooperative SocietySA(SE)
23Societies running Old Age Homes SA(SE)
24Tourist Guide Cooperative SocietySA(SE)
25Gardening Services Cooperative SocietiesSA(SE)
26Electricity SocietiesSA(VI)
27Domestic Servant Service Cooperative SocietySA(SE)
28Societies giving services related to ComputerSA(SE)
29Veterinary Services Providing Cooperative SocietiesSA(SE)
30Domestic Service Related Cooperative SocietiesSA(SE)
31Security Service Providing Cooperative SocietySA(SE)

6. KHE : Agriculture / Irrigation Type Cooperative Society

Sr. NoType of Cooperative SocietyClass and Sub-Class
(As per Cooperative Society Rule 4.3)
1Agricultural Cooperative SocietyKHE
2Lift Irrigation Cooperative SocietyKHE(PI)
3Irrigation SocietyKHE(SIN)
4Tree Planting Cooperative SocietyKHE(VRU)
5Water Supply Cooperative SocietyKHE(PA)
6Community Farming SocietyKHE(SA)
7Joint Farming SocietyKHE(SAN)
8Gopalak Farming Cooperative SocietyKHE(GO)
9Gopalak Multi-Purpose Cooperative SocietyKHE(GO)
10Agricultural Societies operated by Milk ProducersKHE(DU)

7. SAN : Cooperative Union

Sr. NoType of Cooperative SocietyClass and Sub Class
(As per Cooperative Society
Rule 4.3)
1State Cooperative UnionSAN(RA)
2District Cooperative UnionsSAN(GI)

Typewise number of Co-operative Societies in Gujarat State As on 31st March-2020

Sr. No.Type of Co-op SocietiesNo. of Societies
1State Co-op.Bank1
2Central Co-op.Bank18
3State Co-op Land Devp. Bank1
4Primary Agri. Credit Societies9999
5Nagrik Banks225
6Primary Non-agri. Credit Societies6257
7Marketing Societies2362
8Processing Societies1276
9Milk & livestock16760
14Labour Contract3764
15Forest labour135
19Other Non-credit9639
20Union & institute50
22Industrial (p)4767


  1. How to Register Cooperative Society
  2. Type wise number of Co-operative Societies in Gujarat State As on 31st March-2020
  3. Districtwise and typewise number of Co-operative Societies in Gujarat State as on 31st March-2020
  4. Typewise number of Co-operative Societies in Gujarat State by year : As on 31-Mar-20
  5. Registrar Circular on Classification: SKK/037/K/251/18 Dt 23-Mar-2018
  6. Gujarat Co operative Societies Act, 1961

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